Porcelain Tile Flooring Installation

It’s the season for home remodeling and sprucing up your interior!

As you scroll through Google images of gorgeous tile, classic hardwood, and cozy carpet flooring, you should be asking yourself two questions:

  1. Does this flooring look like me?
  2. How will this flooring affect the practicality of my home?

With these questions in mind, let’s discuss a popular flooring type, porcelain tile and how to tell whether this charming material is for you.

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Pros & Cons of Porcelain Tile Flooring

As with any home project, there are both pros and cons to porcelain tile. Because we enjoy starting off light, let’s talk about the benefits of porcelain tile.


Benefits of Porcelain Tile


Porcelain tile floors give homeowners immense amounts of leeway. The sky is the limit when it comes to design flexibility with porcelain tile. Porcelain tile can align with modern or traditional aesthetics and can even be made to mimic the look of other popular flooring types if you like the quality of porcelain tile but the visuals of a different floor.


Most homeowners are looking for a durable flooring option. Whether you have kids, indoor pets, or just a lot of indoor foot traffic, porcelain tile is a wonderful option. This flooring is strong, scratch-resistant, and can stand a lot of stress all while holding shape and looking gorgeous.


Porcelain tile holds up well in rooms with high amounts of water use without suffering from them. While many flooring types may be damaged when they come into contact with water or liquids, porcelain tile does not face this problem.


While some flooring types begin to fade over time due to light and changing climate, porcelain tile is not one of these. The outdoor weather has little effect on the appearance of porcelain tile floors, making it an ideal choice for rooms with lots of natural light.

Scratch & stain-resistant

Try as your kids or pets might, porcelain tile is impervious to stains and scratches. I’d call that heavy duty! This is another of the many reasons why porcelain tile is a fantastic flooring choice for busy households with kids or pets.


Porcelain tile floors last and last. They are amazingly strong and durable, and if maintained ever so often, will last your family for many years. This is an ideal flooring type for homeowners looking for a permanent flooring option. 


And, to be the cherry on top of an already excellent flooring choice, porcelain tile is fire resistant. Meaning, this material will not burn! While many flooring types are highly flammable and would aggravate a house fire, porcelain tile would not add fuel to a fire should one break out.


The Cons of Porcelain Tile

Somewhat higher cost

You know how the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

While this is true, view good quality porcelain tile floors as an investment rather than an outright expense. You are investing in high-quality porcelain tile floors so that you won’t need to have your floors replaced again. In return for your investment, you’ll get a beautiful, and durable product that will last you for multiple decades.

Lengthy installation

Porcelain tile installation is no joke. Unlike sheet vinyl flooring which makes for amazing DIY projects, porcelain tile installation requires lots of labor and skills to complete. If you are concerned about having porcelain tile installed in your home for any reason, talk with a porcelain installation expert to learn more about the process.

Grout maintenance

Now comes the part that all homeowners fear the most, grout maintenance.

The idea of having to clean and maintain grout is distasteful and intimidating to most homeowners — to say the least. They envision hours kneeling on the floor with nothing but a toothbrush and tiny spray bottle in hand. 

Laboring endlessly over blackening grout. Yes, the picture is a bit dramatic and while this is a valid fear, our flooring professionals can assure you that this won’t be a scenario you need to worry about. 

With a couple of home cleaning solutions, you will seldom have to worry about the state of your grout. Just a routine scrub with an appropriate cleaning solution should do the trick.


Is Porcelain Tile Right For You?

If you’re looking for something that’s:

  • Durable
  • Stylistically diverse
  • Scratch, fade, & moisture resistant

Congratulations! Porcelain tile would be an excellent choice for your home.

If you aren’t willing to compromise on these issues:

  • Cost 
  • Having to clean grout on occasion
  • Having a difficult installation process

Perhaps you should look into alternate flooring options.


Get in Touch With a Porcelain Tile Flooring Service Near You

If you want something that will serve your family well, scarcely need maintenance, and look absolutely gorgeous, porcelain tile is the right flooring for you.

If you have questions that you would like to pose to some flooring experts, get in touch with SDA Flooring. We have an expert team that is passionate about helping homeowners find their dream floors. 

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