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There is a lot to consider when selecting flooring for your newly constructed or remodeled home. No matter the size of your residence or the number of family members occupying it, the floors need to withstand heavy foot traffic, maintain their functionality, and compliment the decor in your home. Tile floors have become one of the most popular flooring choices by homeowners in the Seattle area, and for good reason. They are extremely durable, suitable for different areas of the home, and cost-effective.

When selecting the flooring that's most suitable for your needs, it is important to work with knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals at a showroom that has a lot of variety. Homeowners in Seattle and the surrounding areas have chosen SDA Flooring as their one-stop destination for high-quality tile flooring services. Our showroom has a wide variety of tile materials and styles, and our team of tile floor experts can help you make the best selection based on your budget, material, and design preferences. SDA Flooring also has a team of tile installation specialists with decades of experience in the craft to professionally install your chosen tile.

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Benefits of Choosing Tile Flooring for Seattle Homes

Choosing tile flooring for your Seattle-area home can bring many advantages, including that they are easy to maintain and water resistant, which is great for our region's wet environment. The tiles you choose can match your floor with your general decor theme to set the right mood in every room or serve as an accent to highlight your home's unique style. In addition, the benefits of tile flooring include the assortment of styles, longevity of the materials, and affordability of installation.

Choose From a Wide Range of Tile Colors and Designs

Tiles come in all different kinds of colors, patterns, designs, and textures. You can even opt for natural stone tiles that feature unique designs carved by nature. With so many options available, you can certainly find a color scheme that matches the decor you currently have or the vision for what your home can become.

Tile Is a Classic and Durable Design Choice

Tile floors are very resilient and are not easily damaged by water, mold, mildew, heat, chipping, or scratching. And, although they do require a little upkeep every now and then, tile floors don’t need much maintenance. Tile is easy to clean and can even be used to accentuate fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, and other elements in your home.

Tile Flooring Is Cost-Effective

Another reason tile flooring is a practical choice is that there are a wide range of price-points for each tile variety. Whatever style you choose, there is guaranteed to be a low-, mid-, and high-cost option that all provide the same durability and function. Also, the upfront cost of installing tile floors is not as high as you might expect. That said, ensuring your new tile flooring lasts for decades will depend on the quality of the installation. SDA Flooring is a reliable flooring company that many Seattle-area homeowners have chosen to work with time and again.

Tile Designs Are Suitable for All Environments

Some types of flooring can’t be used in high humidity areas. Tile floors, on the other hand, are resistant to water and most other elements that Seattle homeowners are accustomed to tracking into their home. Because of their durability, tiles can be used in all parts of your home. From damp basements to frequently used bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, tile flooring is ideal regardless of the function of the area.

SDA Flooring's team of tile selection and installation professionals deliver high-quality work for residences in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Some of our specialties include:

Our Showroom Has a Large Selection of Tile You Can Choose From

Tile floors come in a huge range of colors and textures. Our tile selection experts can help you explore the different options you have available at the SDA Flooring showroom.
Our wide collection of tile materials includes:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic floor tile is among the most common types of flooring. This type of floor is scratch-resistant, so it makes a great choice for kitchens, living rooms, and other areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Keep in mind that ceramic tile is made from sand and other natural materials, so it is good for the environment, too.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are made through a process similar to ceramic floors. But porcelain is known for being more durable, having a nicer appearance, and being water resistant. Not only this, but this material is resistant to stains and doesn’t fade easily, making it a superb choice for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance and long-lasting tile selection.

Stone Tiles

As the name suggests, natural stone tiles are produced by refining minerals that are already present in the environment. These tiles provide a distinct appearance thanks to their uneven color and texture patterns; and they make a great addition to bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms alike. We have a large gallery of natural stone tiles that include:

Glass Tiles

Unconventional materials like glass tile provide a unique style for homeowners who want an interesting accent design, like on a kitchen backsplash. The design possibilities are endless, and our team of flooring experts can help you achieve your vision.

Other Specialty Tile Varieties

Additionally, our vast array of tile materials also features:

  • Mosaics
  • Mexican Pavers
  • Quarry
  • Terracotta
  • Glass Blocks
  • Metal Tiles

What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Tile Installation Team

There’s no denying that tile floors offer a great choice for all homeowners in Seattle. Once you've selected your materials form the SDA Flooring showroom, the installation process can be scheduled quickly. But, before you set the installation date, there are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure you’re working with a certified and experienced contractor
  • SDA Flooring has been trusted by homeowners and builders due to our high-quality and detailed work performing tile installations
  • Furniture and similar items must be removed from a room before the installation begins
  • Our installers take significant care to protect existing materials in your home's project area and thoroughly clean your new tile surfaces after the installation is completed

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