Shower Tile

Shower tile from SDA Flooring is a creative and simple way to brighten up your bathroom’s aesthetic. With shower tiles, you can ensure a durable, moisture-resistant shower while also getting the best aesthetic possible.

Besides being gorgeous and extremely functional as bathroom flooring, shower tile comes with a wide range of benefits.


shower tile near meWhy Choose Tile For Your Shower?

Some of the most powerful benefits of shower tile include:

  1. Tile is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. All it takes is a spray bottle, a bristle brush, and five minutes of your time.

Your shower tile will be sparkling clean with minimal effort and produces a brighter overall bathroom than most other floorings would.

  1. Tile is durable. Tile is a naturally strong material and does well under heavy foot traffic. The bathroom and shower are used daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

Having a sturdy shower tile will keep your shower and bathroom in top notch condition for many years. Shower tile is much more durable than most other bathroom flooring options and is the best choice for homeowners who want a shower flooring option that won’t suffer damage due to the bathroom climate. Which bring us to our next benefit of tile flooring:

  1. Tile is good in wet climates, which makes it perfect for the dampness of the Pacific Northwest. Not only is shower tile impervious to water and soap damage, but it is also highly resistant to mold and mildew. And should your shower sprout some mold, all it takes is a quick bleach scrub to get your tile clean again!
  2. Shower tile brings life to your bathroom. There are countless patterns, shapes, and shades of shower tile. Shower tile can match every interior design or bathroom aesthetic there is.
  3. Shower tile is practical. Shower tile is one of the most practical flooring choices for your bathroom. It is easy to clean, not affected by the bathroom climate, and is extremely durable, making it the best flooring choice for a bathroom.


How To Choose The Best Shower Tile For Your Bathroom

Now that you understand how wonderful shower tile is, it’s time to figure out what tile will be the best for your bathroom. Here are three things to take into consideration when choosing your shower tile.

1. Choose Shower Tile That Compliments Your Style

There are countless shower tile designs out there, you will without a doubt be able to find one that suits you. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t be discouraged, keep looking!

Here at SDA Flooring, we offer shower tile flooring services. Not only this, our flooring professionals will help you select the best bathroom tile for your home. If you are uncertain about which type of shower tile to choose, our experts can help you pick the best one to match your needs.

2. Choose Shower Tile That Fits Your Budget

While flooring projects are an investment, it is also entirely worth the cost as it has the potential to increase the value of your home while similarly increasing the functionality of your space. If this is your first time having your bathroom floor redone, it’s always helpful to speak to a professional so that you know you aren’t being overcharged for products or services.

Here at SDA Flooring, we take great care in pricing our shower tile flooring services and make sure that the quality of our work exceeds our pricetag. Our tile flooring experts would be more than happy to help you find a shower tile that matches both your budget and practical needs.

3. Choose Shower Tile That Is Strong

Tile is made from various materials such as porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, and natural stone. Different types of tile are used for different purposes.

Some of the most popular shower tiles are made from porcelain. Porcelain tiles are a good option for showers since they are durable, water-resistant, and less slick than glazed ceramic when wet.

Because the shower is used often, shower tiles should be durable and strong. If properly cared for, shower tiles have the potential to last for many years.

Here at SDA Flooring, our experts take pleasure in helping homeowners find the best tile for their shower and bathroom. If you have any questions about durabile shower tiles, give us a call today.


Hire A Reliable Shower Tile Installation Company Near You

Whether you need help finding the best shower tile or need assistance with shower tile installation, SDA Flooring is ready to help. We know that choosing the best tile flooring for you and your bathroom isn’t the easiest endeavor.

We have been working on tile flooring installation for many years now and know the right questions to ask to help homeowners in choosing the best floor possible.

Your tile flooring project is in good hands with us. Get in touch today to start improving your bathroom aesthetic.