Ceramic Tile Flooring

Often used in high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, ceramic tile is beautiful and fitting in almost any room. It is a durable and viable option for homeowners looking for a sturdy floor that will do well under a lot of foot traffic.

Trying to decide which flooring option to choose for a room in your home? SDA Flooring will help you explore the pros and cons of ceramic tile flooring!

ceramic tile

What Are the Pros & Cons of Ceramic Tile?

As with any flooring type, there are both pros and cons to ceramic flooring in your home. Let’s start off with the positives of ceramic tile flooring, shall we?

Ceramic Tile Pros:

  1. Ceramic tile is durable

As mentioned above, this flooring type does well in high traffic areas of the home without showing obvious signs of wear and tear as some other flooring types struggle with. Ceramic tile will last for a very long time in spotless condition.

  1. Ceramic tile is water-resistant

If you are having ceramic tile installed in a room with a lot of water use, you should consider getting a glazed ceramic tile. Glazed ceramic tile has a protective top layer that makes it extra water-resistant.

  1. Easy to clean

Ceramic tile is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Needing nothing more than a quick sweep and light mop every now and then, this flooring is a good option for homeowners that don’t have much time for maintenance.

  1. Design versatility

There are countless designs available to choose from when it comes to ceramic tile. Whatever aesthetic you are going for, you will be able to find ceramic tile flooring that reflects your style. The design versatility is especially appealing for homeowners with a creative flair who enjoy exercising their creative streak whenever they can.

  1. Ceramic tile is ideal for allergy sufferers

Yes, you heard right. If you suffer from allergies that are aggravated by dirt, dust, or other allergens, you’ll be pleased to know that ceramic tile is the perfect flooring for someone who suffers from these. Dust and other allergenic particles stand out on the surface of ceramic tile and are easily wiped away when the surface is cleaned.

Ceramic Tile Cons:

  1. Underfoot discomfort

Ceramic tile is very hard underfoot. There is not give and consequently, this flooring type can be hard on the joints. This is especially a problem if members of the household have joint or back issues. A way to remedy this issue could be by adding an area rug here and there for padding.

  1. Coldness

Ceramic tile is cold underfoot, and during the winter in cold climates, this can be a problem. This is why ceramic tile is most popular in warm climates where the winter temperatures aren’t severe. A way to mitigate the underfoot coldness of ceramic tile is by adding area rugs to your home and wearing indoor slippers during the wintertime.

  1. Ceramic tile can crack

While it’s true that ceramic tile is incredibly durable, it can crack if heavy objects are dropped on the surface. If this happens, repairs will be difficult. To avoid cracks and costly repairs, make sure that you never carry heavy items over your ceramic tile floor and use the help of multiple people to move furniture over the floor.


Is Ceramic Tile a Good Fit For You?

If you are looking for:

Flooring that is stylistically diverse, durable, beautiful, and water-resistant, ceramic tile is a good fit for you!

This flooring is perfect for your kitchen, hallways, or bathrooms as it holds up well under heavy foot traffic and is resistant to water — trust us, there will be water spills on occasion in your kitchen.

If you don’t want:

To deal with cold, hard surfaces, ceramic tile may not be the right choice for you.

While there are easy solutions to these problems, at the end of the day, some homeowners just don’t want the extra burden of planning around cold, hard flooring. If this is you, you may want to consider other types of flooring with more give than ceramic tile.


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